We The People is a photo series that is centered around the cast of a HEROIC group shot consisting of Male and Female multicultural models dressed as vintage historic American Soldier depictions.  Spanning from the 1800’s to contemporary times, this powerful group of “Bad-Ass M-Fers” are all characters of impactful strength and allure, each with a unique story to tell weaved of facts and fictions.  The exhibit is designed to help facilitate a greater sense of Unity in our nation rather than the splintered separations that today's political climate has created in our society.  Join us for a journey through an empowering memorial remembrance of the American people who have given their lives for the greater good.


Vincenzo Eiberwitz


Half Roman Catholic, Half Jewish and 100% from Brooklyn.  His 3 favorite things were Family, the Dodgers and Killing Nazis!  He was the loader in a Sherman tank crew during WW2.  Back home he was an iron worker and on the weekend he was a coach for the neighborhood youth ballclub.  An all around good guy you could count on to do the right thing.  After many victories, he and his crew were mortally cornered and learned 1st hand why the M4 Sherman was often referred to as “The Death Trap”.


Wi Tecihila

(We tay-CHEE-he-La)


The bastard child of a 7th cavalry man and a Lakota medicine woman was born on June 25th 1876 during the Battle of Little Bighorn.  She was taught the ways of plant medicine and how to be a witful and stealthy huntress.   Due to her unique multi cultural look, she was often used as a messenger between the commanding officers of the Cavalry and the Lakota council. She and her sister were violently laid to their eternal rest during the Wounded Knee Massacre as the haunting tune of “Garry Owen” was played.  The now banned Irish drinking song which for so many years was used as the merciless march song of the 7th Cavalry who’s pursuits claimed the lives of many of America's indigenous people.


Anderson Abubakari


Said to be of a royal Mali bloodline and a direct descendant of Sambo Anderson, George Washington’s esteemed and eventually freed muslim slave, was too tall and muscular to fit in a cockpit with the tuskegee airmen.  Much to his liking, he was grounded as a Tuskegee Air Mechanic.  Still rightfully sharing credit for the victory of the 99th pursuit squadron, as an intellectually advanced engineer minded type he was very happy to do his part “with a wrench in his hand and both feet on the ground”.  Despite his adversion of heights, he and his cousin Paul E. Williams, later designed the Lockheed Model 186 Helicopter.


Rosaria Pena-Martinez


One of the elite and highly secretive members of the National Clandestine Services branch of the CIA, holds a masters degree in criminal justice, and an 8th degree coral belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Raised in a mixed Puerto Rican/ Colombian household in the Bronx, growing up she was a pillar in the community as she not only dedicated countless hours to her neighborhood Boys & Girls Club of America, she also taught self defence classes in hopes to help make the streets a safer place.  Fluent and familiar with a multitude of latin dialects and cultural practices she was the top choice for many of the South American espionage missions in the late 90’s.  Sent to Venezuela in hopes to gather intel for the U.S. to get a clearer picture of the developments of the brewing crisis.  She was last in contact March 1st, 2013 just days before Hugo Chavez’s death.  Now after 6 years of silence she has been declared death in absentia.


Mikai Gongen


The oldest of 9 siblings who loved surfing, martial arts and breakdancing, was deployed from Camp Pendleton as an infantry E2.  After arriving in Afghanistan and seeing first hand the extent of destruction the conflict had ensued on the local children when out on patrols he felt called to entertain them with magic tricks, music and dance moves!  It didn't take long for his patrol team to be recognized positively amongst the people.  In fact they liked him so much that a local family invited them to experience a traditional home cooked meal of lamb qorma and naan.  Unfortunately oppositional forces caught word of the arrangement and bombed the building killing both the marines and the hosting family during their meal.

Ranee Patel


Although her father worked for the Consulate General of India in NYC, she grew up in Lakehurst, New Jersey down the road from McGuire/Fort Dix.  Inspired by the annual air shows and culture as a child, she knew she was destined to enlist!  As an "ethnic female" in the 90's many doors were not easily opened to her.  Using her struggle as her inspiration she dedicated herself to becoming a lawyer in hopes to help rebalance the opportunities for woman both civilian and in the military.  She was proud to be a supporting role on the council that declared the policy that excluded women from enrolling in the Citadel Military College in South Carolina.  Eventually joining the ranks of the JAG corp her battlefield was the courtroom and what a warrior she was.  Ranee was found dead in a hotel room 3 days before a court date.

Veronica Peacock


Top of her class at Johns Hopkins Medical school was the closest thing to Google for the Class of ‘52.  Not only did she eventually know more than her Attending Physicians and Master Lecturers presented, she was always willing to help and share her knowledge with her fellow man.  If you were wounded and your life was hanging by a thread, would you really care how the person saving you was dressed, or that they were the best practiced physician to save you?! Veronica was drafted during the Korean war “Doctor Draft”, she saved 100’s of soldiers in her Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit but due to a field incident, she did not make it home to her family in Baltimore.





A very special thank you

 to all of the men and woman who have paid the ultimate sacrifice

 fighting for our sweet land of liberty.


Thank you to Incogneeto Vintage of Somerville, NJ for outfitting our cast.


Thank you to all of the production team that helped make this shoot a success!

Masha Kationachik


 was a graduate of the Soviet Central Women’s Sniper Training School and a spy from the Eastern Front who worked closely with the Allied Forces.   Using her movie star like allure, and “bedroom tactics”, she succeeded by acquiring valuable details from Nazi officers.  Credited with 308 kills, she is 2nd only to Lyudmila Pavlichenko as the top female military sniper of all time.   On August 14th 1943, Masha and two other female Soviet snipers were surrounded.  To avoid being captured by German Forces they heroically detonated 2 grenades taking their own lives as well as the lives of the Nazi soldiers who surrounded them.