BnK Fashion Photo Workshop in Somerville, NJ We strongly believe in the power of collaborating with a team of creative people vs. doing it all yourself. So in an attempt to add new faces to our team as well as help others build up their portfolios we created the BnK Fashion Photo Workshop. Utilizing our contacts and network of models, stylists, designers and artists we create a day filled with varied shoot set ups and opportunities for participants to experience and expand their photography skills. This collection of images are just a few from the workshop we hosted at Project P.U.B. in Somerville, NJ. Models: Lauren Pitcher Stone, Kanykei, Ashley Rose Marcario, Elana Notkina Hair/MUA: Illustrated Beauty, Somerville, NJ & Amanda Bogdan Garments: Incogneeto Vintage, Somerville, NJ Jewelery: Tin Carena Photos: Tony Kennette In Collaboration with: Alfredo Benincasa, BnK Fashion Photo Workshop, David Berman & The Social Network, Somerville Cover