In January 2013, Andrea Martin, a student of massage therapy and western herbalism, started apprenticing at a farm in Arizona with the goal of taking some time away from Los Angeles and giving herself a chance to reflect on life. She fell in love with the work immediately and decided to continue educating herself through books, documentaries and hands on experience. Andrea's passion for farming also stems from a love of cooking, canning, jamming and preserving food to color the often drab winter food palate. After 2 years of itinerant farming, Andrea has settled in central New Jersey with her partner, Tony Kennette. Together they are building Martenette Farms.


Tony's experience draws from many disciplines. As a theater arts student, photographer and videographer, many of the photographic documentations of Martenette, as well as the homesteading video series that are in the works come from his hands. He is also an experienced farm hand and chicken whisperer and has been instrumental in the installation of the farms infrastructure. Tony is also a gifted teacher and will be running several of workshops at Martenette.


Tony and Andrea share the dream of growing beautiful, produce year round for themselves, their family and their community. While not currently certified organic, Martenette's goal is to become certified organic in the next couple years while maintaining a policy of using non-synthetic fertilizers and non-chemical based plant support such as compost tea and plant probiotics. Martenette Farms came to life when they moved to Mueller Acres, a 137 acre farm that was once a nursery in the bucolic setting of western Hillsborough. They are proud to introduce Martenette Farms to the community. Martenette's goals are to provide a mix of storage vegetables, fresh greens, fruit preserves and canned goods throughout year and to offer classes and workshops on vegetable preparation and preservation, yoga, medicinal and edible plant harvesting, plant identification and videography and photography.